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EsteShield AntiPolluntant Sunblock


EsteShield AntiPolluntant Sunblock

Contains broad spectrum SPF 50 UVA/UVB filters and is enhanced to protect skin from intense ultraviolet rays efficiently. Vaccine pro Specifically develop to protect skin against harmful HEV radiation (from smartphone, computer, tablet, television, etc) and free the skin from the radicals attack. Pollushield system is designed to optimize skin’s defense against PM 2.5, heavy metal, smog and oxidative stress, hence preventing aging caused by pollution. It also provides skin brightening and soothing hydration for all day.

Active Ingredient Benefits
Vaccine Pro Protect skin against oxidative damage cause by radiation
Pollushield System Design to optimize skin’s defense against PM 2.5, heavy metals, smog & oxidative stress
Moringa Seed Extract Abundance of vitamis & minerals, excellent moisturizing & nourishing effect to the skin
Lotus Flower Extract Provide soothing, brightening, purifying and pore minimizing properties, restored with youthfulness and a vibrant radiance
Ceramide Prevent transepidermal water loss, giving the skin its elasticity and suppleness
Jojoba Seed Oil Antioxidant-rich compounds that are able to protect the skin and hair from damaging free radicals to effectively prevent aging, forms a protective barrier over skin to seal in long-lasting moisture 
Licorice  Noted to be an effective skin lighter, a powerful anti-oxidant that has the same potency as pure vitamin E

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